Cooking Oils

Cornola Active

Cornola Active, Refined Corn Oil is made from the choicest golden corn. Rich in Vitamins A and E, high protein and digestion-boosting antioxidants, it enhances your metabolic rate and digestion. Its light, delicate flavour enhances the taste of food while allowing you to retain your vitality and alertness.


  • Absorption: Corn Oil has lower absorption levels which result in less oil consumption
  • Packed with antioxidants that will boost your immunity and fight ageing
  • Has natural Omega 6 & Omega 9 which is known to regulate cholesterol
  • Stable oil with high smoking point, making it perfect for frying & grilling
  • Healthy Heart: It's good for the heart as it's rich in linoleic acids and other polyunsaturated fatty acids. It can also lower the blood cholesterol levels
  • Discolouration: This Oil does not discolour even after having used a number of times, thus it would mean more longevity of the oil and the same oil can be used.

Available In:

  • 1 Ltr
  • 5 Ltr
  • 15 Kg