Cooking Oils

Panghat Pure Refined Cottonseed Oil

The low trans-fat oil is considered one of the most sought after cooking oils in the world. The reason lies in its versatility that enables it to lace salads as well as to deep fry various cookeries. The oil has a distinct flavour something that can be considered ‘nut-like’ and is quite overawing. Foods that are cooked with it have a longer shelf life.


  • Since it's comparatively less heavy than other oils, you can use it for baking
  • Contain abundant antioxidants which are actually good for health
  • The oil's great for skin as it can be used for moisturizing and nourishment along with having anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • A great choice for people who do not prefer oils with strong flavours as this one has a neutral taste

Available In:

  • 15 Ltr
  • 15 Kg