Cooking Oils

Panghat Vanaspati

For over 60 years, Panghat Vanaspati has added to the celebratory spirit of festivals and special family occasions. Famous for its superior quality, the oil is enriched with vitamins A and D. Dishes cooked in Panghat Vanaspati are not only delicious but also wholesome. No wonder, it is the first choice of many Indian households and gourmands. Food prepared in Panghat Vanaspati has a long shelf-life.


  • Contains anti-bacterial properties that kill harmful bacteria
  • Due to the presence of vitamins, it can prevent Osteoporosis and helps to maintain higher bone density
  • Its antioxidant properties increase the immunity of the body and protect from various heart, eye and skin ailments
  • Boosts the serotonin activity in the brain, paving the way for enzymes and hormones that prevent anxiety or depression

Available In:

  • 500 Ml
  • 1 Ltr
  • 5 Ltr
  • 15 Ltr
  • 15 Kg